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News Headlines: Analysis & Comment 

What do we demand? DEMOCRACY (The way WE define it) When do we demand it? NOW. And NOT Anonymously  :)

USA Presidential New Hampshire Primary: NBC Projections- Trump takes it for the Republicans, Sanders for the Dems.....Let the Revolution begin ! See it here live www.msnbc.com The Ohio Govenor Kasich showed his moderate bona fides this past week while campaigning in NH, his daily tracking pols rising steadily. it showed tonight.

Saturday's Republican Debate: was a slugfest between Christie and Rubio, accusing him of being Canned, "Stepford" (our terms) and not ready.  Unable to list his achievements or his accomplishments, the "Manchurian Candidate", listed 4 items, ticking off one specific vote against Terrorism, for which Marco was not even present and passed with a 'Voice Vote'. Repeating himself 4x and unable to enumerate his virtues, Marco slacked.

Today's "Morning Joe" had the crowd jumping on Marco, thereafter playing a word association game, Bush said "Loser" of Trump, who shot back a demand for equal time as he joined the morning lineup by Phone, from the man who said of Bush, he "Had to call his Mommy to save him".

Water Me, Wet Me, Just don't DRINK me. (Flint, M). Imagine being a hostage in Iran for 4 years, and once your release is negotiated, you are on the way home to....Flint & a house with corroded pipes & lead-poisoned Water? The State's Governor hires a PR Firm called Mercury, who'd believe that irony?. To the rescue ? Rachel Maddow, who uncovered the disaster and then covered with class and panache.-MSNBC-Cher gives $30,000 & Aretha Franklin 58 Hotel Rooms

"Rabin's Last Day" Lincoln Center [Tickets] Released Jan 30th, this Docu-Drama tells the story of the last hours of Israel's Peace PM, Yitzak Rabin, murdered after a Rally, 20 years ago, last November 5th.

Rabin's Last Day

Moving Lithium (Ion batteries). Seems like a mundane topic? Think again. Remember, there are over 3 Billion Cell Phones worldwide and those Phones and their Batteries ship by air freight 24 x 7. Along comes IATA, the International rules organization which sets the standard-now three (3) #1 Phones only (1 plus 2 batteries); #2 Batteries only (11 lbs max) and Phone with Battery un-inserted (unlike iPhones). Shipping intothe USA, no biggie, just act like you follow the rules. Shipping from the USA?, Forgetaboutit. You've got paperwork, Special letter, IMEI numbers, Special "Hazardous" Labels, Customs Invoice..... So much for Wholesale Export to the Americas, Central & South and points beyond.

Abbott Labs Force Feeds Prisoners, as in "Ensure" tm, the food supplement (substitute), usually advertised as a boost to your existing diet, but not at GITMO., where a long-standing hunger strike by prisoners has culminated in an attempt to force them food, via tubes, after strapping them down in a chair, looking more like one for Lethal Injections, than Dentistry.

When contacted, Abbot's Director for Corporate Communications called back from O'hara, between flights, which highlights the seriousness and gravity with which Abbot takes this revelation. After swapping email, Abbot demurred, making reference to the package "Insert Labeling", thereby casting -not so subtle-aspersions on the Doctor & Nurse who administered the "Treatment" aka 'Forced Feeding'. As a side note, both were threatened with a Military Court Martial if they refused to follow orders, regardless how onerous, illegal or violation of the Geneva Conventions against torture.

GITMO Pool Photo (through a fence)      

"Ensure" tm for Force Feeding

Libya & other Screw-ups- The Arab Spring that's done been sprung. (sic) How many Militia can you get to dance on the head of a pin?

China sneezes, the World gets Pneumonia  6.7% Growth, or was it 7.6%, well who cares? Compared to the anemic USA rates of 1.5-2%, China's numbers are a miracle.

Hillary's email mere Distraction?  Low information voters hear email and assume it is illegal, then the new stamp 'classified' (post transmittal)

Saudis & Iranians (War and Oil): What fuels the potential direct conflict can be seen in the pre-cursor of internecine guerrilla conflicts -from Syria/Iraq toYemen & Libya.

"The Big Short", stylistically Film Noir, realistically, Docu-Drama with the advantage of truth

Dump Trump-Defines efforts by RNC to undermine a Trump Candidacy. Better to let him spout his bellicose rhetoric, undermining himself, free.

New York values(Kennedy Liberal?)

Prisoner Swap-Diplomacy works? Bergdahl was 5 Taliban to 1 American and the recent Iranian release was eventually 4 for7 (though counting one  who was a mystery and refused to return to the USA.

Litvinenko Report (UK): Oops, the Brits conduct a study regarding the poisoning of Victor, "Probably" done by Agents for Putin, inserting Radioactive  material in his Tea, in a London Restaurant . It was a painful and gruesome death-(which we remember, as this website was managed from London 2006-2007, height of the Iraq War). The poison was traced back to Moscow via a Radioactive discovery on an airline flight-whose path was destined to London. RT trashed the report, no surprise, as it continues to play Putin's foil.

Blizzard 2016? As late as that Friday afternoon, National Weather radar projections placed the Bulls-eye squarely on Washington, DC, the Nations Capitol, estimating 2 feet of Snow or more. The downfall was correct, but still missed the immense size & breadth of the Storm System by 200 miles, as that onslaught of inclement weather hit New York, to the North, as the "Mid-Atlantic Nor'easter" became New Jersey & New York's dilemma. 

Here in NYC, the estimate just Friday was 8-12 inches, now more than double that number, Central Park now measuring 26.9"  CNN calls it the biggest weather event in 94 years, winds hitting nearly 50 miles per hour. Baltimore hit 24-26", Washington, DC 28" and up to 500 Cars stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Anticipating a worse situation than estimated, Mayor De Blassio, in English & Spanish told Citizens to stay home and off the roads, then promptly instituted a "State of Emergency" banning auto, bus, taxi and car traffic from Manhattan Island, closing the Bridges and Tunnels.

Next step? People at home watching movies like Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York".(uncut), or maybe "The Day After"? lol

Courtesy WhiteHouse.Gov "Obama on Refugees, not Fugees" they are a Band

President Barack Hussein Obama II postulates on American Tradition of being a country of Immigrants & Refugees [G20 Summit Turkey]

Eco Marine introduces a Ship-Bound Solar Backup Battery: A Lead-Acid Revolution?

Eco Marine Solar Battery
Marine Link.Org "Maritime Global News"

Are you a "Truth Seeker?"
"The Mike Malloy Show"
[Weeknights 9pmto 12am USA Eastern]
Video Live Feed via Livestream.

WNYC New York Award-Winning Public Radio [Listen Live]
The Brian Lehrer Show, 2 hours
The Leonard Lopate Show, 2 hours

CIA Torture Trail

 Free Speech in America? Read the trumped-up "Case Against John Lennon"? Discover just how much the United States Government considered him an existential threat to Endless War-then Vietnam-along with Robert Kennedy & the Right Reverend, Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (our 3 heroes). "Free Speech"? You may pay with your life.

Powell lies to the UN (meaning the whole world)            Bush (the puppet) fronting Cheney (puppetmaster)          Blair, the clown, who prayed with Bush on bent knee for "Crusade" & lied about it (Downing St Memos)
Ads for Russian TV, tool & mouthpiece for Vladimir, still makes a point about Censorship as these ads were censored

Pentagon wastes $500,000,000 on G22 (Italian NATO) Cargo planes, just sold for scrap by Afghan's AF for $32,000. Even worse, we had to find the truth from the BBC.   Which General made this stupid blunder? We do not know (yet). The report states that the planes were not capable of handling the sand & dust and were useless, sitting  on the tarmac collecting  their own dust.

Kill the Messenger, Nick Schou                   "Dark Alliance", Gary Webb

Speaking of "Kill the Messenger" Movie,
the story of Gary Webb and his investigative reporting for the Sacramento Bee, which cost him his credibility & job, and life (2004), once CNN & most Lamestream Media crucified him for telling the truth, has finally come out in Cinematic brilliance.

What did he claim? That the CIA used the Mena, Arkansas Airport (under Gov. Bill Clinton), to have Pilot Barry Seal, ("nice guy, funny guy" according to handlers), now disappeared, to run Guns down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and bring back Coke, which ended up as Crack on the streets of LA. 
Outrageous story? You best believe it, but not as outrageous as the actions by Criminals Reagan, Bush & Ollie North. Remember Ollie, who ran the rescue mission, under Jimmy Carter, (failed or sabotaged?), to retrieve American hostages in Iran, and later became Reagan's National Security Advisor. Forgot the "October Surprise"? Read the List of Secrets and realize that all three committed acts of Treason

Battersea, London. [Artist rendering of site for housing the new U.S. Embassy].
Battersea, London (New USA Embassy site) Terry Farrel & Partners Architect via In-Security.EU

Rendering of 'Embassy Gardens' by Terry Farrell and Partners Architects (via www.In-Security.eu Magazine)

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Germany's 'Alex Springer', giant Publishing House (200 publications), "calls out" Google's Eric Schmidt & Facebook's Zuckerberg for their Totalitarian assertions, reminiscent of East German Stasi, that "those with nothing to fear, have nothing to hide" (Weasels), and should have no concerns of online Spying by them or Microsoft, Yahoo, DropBox, Picassa et al. We Libertarian (little L, not the 'Paul Party') realists, know much better, simply put,  none of these firms can be trusted any longer-at all. Time to change Search Engines, eMail and Browsers and give these trolls there comeuppance! Read the Truth in the UK's Independent and ask yourself why it takes a German to tell brainwashed Americans the obvious, which their own Fathers' had fought  in Germany (called WWII) to protect & defend against EVER coming to American shores....Fascism.

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