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News Headlines: Analysis & Comment 

Andrew Breitbart is Dead, his nasty spirit & intolerant disposition continue to corrupt political debate as his publication claims that Syrians were caught at our "Southern Border", which was actually 2 families with 2 children each, who voluntarily showed up at the  Police Station to submit to the legal Refugee process. Republican Extremists running for President seized on this mis-information and 're-cheated' or is it re-tweeted?

Courtesy WhiteHouse.Gov "Obama on Refugees, not Fugees" they are a Band

President Barack Hussein Obama II postulates on American Tradition of being a country of Immigrants & Refugees [G20 Summit Turkey]

PARIS ATTACKS: Six locations hit by eight terrorists, one pursued in early morning raid in Belgium (not home), while France issues Curfew, first since 1960's Algerian War for Independence & State of Emergency, first since end of WWII. Iraq FM says he warned Western Intel agencies of potential incident arising from Raaqa, Syria, home base for Daesh.(ISIS) whereby 24 people in Cell entered the EU, some as "Syrian Refugees" causing resultant backlash by governments  previously receptive to welcoming them. At G20 meeting, Putin & Obama were seen huddling together, scheming, it is assumed, about tactics against Daesh, as Putin left referring to tactics against terrorism.

In the week since the Paris attacks, the center of gravity has moved to Belgium, now in a state of alert, public events cancelled, Subway closed, as it seems that the diabolical designer of the terror spree was French, living in Belgium and had smoothly moved back and forth with stealth and was still at-large.

Russia bogged down in Syria without US Cooperation (Putin laments) stating that he twice asked the Americans for a list of locations and sites to avoid in bombing raids. The Pentagon laments, 'we'd like to cooperate but we don't trust Putin to use the list to strike Assad opposition forces.

After the crash of Russian Tourist  Flight on AB321 from Sharm-El-Sheik headed for Petersburg; Daesh claims credit for the downing, while Lame. Media claims Pilot reported problem at 37,000 feet, then descent at 6,000 feet a minute. Sound like "Technical Problems" to you?  Russia & Egypt both attempt to dispel claim by Daesh. Tourist company brings over 1mm visitors a year to seaside resort. (Disclosure-We -as High Tech Int'l-advised these Tour Operators on Comm challenges providing 'Customer Service' in Russian language).

FM Sergei Lavrov says 'Forget the Dentist & we can talk' or a close proximity, which is to tell the West, forget regime change, Assad stays, then we can join forces against Daesh. We do not know if Bahsar is still practicing,(strange term, even for a Dentist, you'd think they after this long, he was an expert, not still practicing haha), perhaps privately, on his wife and kids? He could go back to the UK ad re-open his 'practice'? As for Russia, those are the terms, stop trying to rid Assad & we can join up.

Iron Fist Israeli "shoot to kill" attitude inflames Palestinian heartland-'The House that Bibi Built', shutting down neighborhoods (WSJ) Rory Jones

VW Automobile CEO Resigns amid worst scandal in German Business history, destroying any goodwill and trust customers may have had, defying USA Environmental (EPA) rules for clean Diesel. Der Speigel on "Arrogance & Complacency" UPDATE-Now one month on, reports have emerged that VW's 3rd quarter sales were down, 4% September , 5.3% November, attributed to "CO2 Scandal". This may be, but may also be attributed to a Global Screeching halt which has hit most markets. Growth in GDP was downgraded remember, from 3+ % to 1.5% 3rd quarter, a disaster, signaling a cyclical decline & adjustment after years of growing out of the Cheney-Bush debacle..

De Blasio in de Old City spends time with both sides in Israel Palestine conflict, on his first trip to the embattled Jewish State. This past week, returning to NYC, Hizzoner endorsed Hillary's bid for President.

Uptick Re-inhibitor? Afghan Redux as Obama doubles down, Islamic State moves into the Provinces, (Bribery works as NYT reports IS offers $300-$500 sign-up bonus) Al Qaeda & Taliban struggling to survive, see converts to cash $$$.

5,000 Troops to Afghanistan, 50 to Syria (as "Advisors". Sounds like Vietnam circa May 1961-1963?) assisting the Kurdish Peshmurga, only effective fighting force in region, but scare Turkey-& anything called "Kurdistan". History repeats? READ JFK Library

Dems Debate: An exorcise in surviving boredom-Video

GM Walks away from criminal charges, not driving their own car

Drone on...DOT to require registration of UAV's

Mergers borne of Insanity, Flush with Cash, Corporations bury profit.

Torture by another name-Sulaiman was innocent, America lost it soul? Contractor (Not CACI this time) sued for designer torture techniques. (Guardian Video) Judge allows case to proceed.

Sudan thanks its lucky stars, "Arab Spring never came here, Bashir oppressive but people prize stability. Is this the Dictator you know over the IS takeover you fear? WSJ reports fear controls the day.

Derivation of Palestine Rage?-A Settler's attack kills a Palestinian family, burning down their house...(Article thread by Esti Marpen)

Venezuela on the ropes, arrests opposition leader, 15 years into the Bolivar Revolution, Hugo Chavez' legacy with lower Oil revenue...

Eco Marine introduces a Ship-Bound Solar Backup Battery: A Lead-Acid Revolution?

Eco Marine Solar Battery
Marine Link.Org "Maritime Global News"

Are you a "Truth Seeker?"
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CIA Torture Trail

 Free Speech in America? Read the trumped-up "Case Against John Lennon"? Discover just how much the United States Government considered him an existential threat to Endless War-then Vietnam-along with Robert Kennedy & the Right Reverend, Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (our 3 heroes). "Free Speech"? You may pay with your life.

Powell lies to the UN (meaning the whole world)            Bush (the puppet) fronting Cheney (puppetmaster)          Blair, the clown, who prayed with Bush on bent knee for "Crusade" & lied about it (Downing St Memos)
Ads for Russian TV, tool & mouthpiece for Vladimir, still makes a point about Censorship as these ads were censored

Pentagon wastes $500,000,000 on G22 (Italian NATO) Cargo planes, just sold for scrap by Afghan's AF for $32,000. Even worse, we had to find the truth from the BBC.   Which General made this stupid blunder? We do not know (yet). The report states that the planes were not capable of handling the sand & dust and were useless, sitting  on the tarmac collecting  their own dust.

Kill the Messenger, Nick Schou                   "Dark Alliance", Gary Webb

Speaking of "Kill the Messenger" Movie,
the story of Gary Webb and his investigative reporting for the Sacramento Bee, which cost him his credibility & job, and life (2004), once CNN & most Lamestream Media crucified him for telling the truth, has finally come out in Cinematic brilliance.

What did he claim? That the CIA used the Mena, Arkansas Airport (under Gov. Bill Clinton), to have Pilot Barry Seal, ("nice guy, funny guy" according to handlers), now disappeared, to run Guns down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and bring back Coke, which ended up as Crack on the streets of LA. 
Outrageous story? You best believe it, but not as outrageous as the actions by Criminals Reagan, Bush & Ollie North. Remember Ollie, who ran the rescue mission, under Jimmy Carter, (failed or sabotaged?), to retrieve American hostages in Iran, and later became Reagan's National Security Advisor. Forgot the "October Surprise"? Read the List of Secrets and realize that all three committed acts of Treason

Battersea, London. [Artist rendering of site for housing the new U.S. Embassy].
Battersea, London (New USA Embassy site) Terry Farrel & Partners Architect via In-Security.EU

Rendering of 'Embassy Gardens' by Terry Farrell and Partners Architects (via www.In-Security.eu Magazine)

What do we demand?
DEMOCRACY (The way WE define it) When do we demand it? NOW. And NOT Anonymously  :)

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Germany's 'Alex Springer', giant Publishing House (200 publications), "calls out" Google's Eric Schmidt & Facebook's Zuckerberg for their Totalitarian assertions, reminiscent of East German Stasi, that "those with nothing to fear, have nothing to hide" (Weasels), and should have no concerns of online Spying by them or Microsoft, Yahoo, DropBox, Picassa et al. We Libertarian (little L, not the 'Paul Party') realists, know much better, simply put,  none of these firms can be trusted any longer-at all. Time to change Search Engines, eMail and Browsers and give these trolls there comeuppance! Read the Truth in the UK's Independent and ask yourself why it takes a German to tell brainwashed Americans the obvious, which their own Fathers' had fought  in Germany (called WWII) to protect & defend against EVER coming to American shores....Fascism.

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