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New York

London (GMT)





News Headlines:  Saturday 19th of April 2014  10:13 EDT

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Germany's 'Alex Springer', giant Publishing House (200 publications), "calls out" Google's Eric Schmidt & Facebook's Zuckerberg for their Totalitarian assertions,
reminiscent of East German Stasi, that "those with nothing to fear, have nothing to hide" (Weasels), and should have no concerns of online Spying by them or Microsoft, Yahoo, DropBox, Picassa et al. We Libertarian (little L, not the 'Paul Party') realists, know much better, simply put,  none of these firms can be trusted any longer-at all. Time to change Search Engines, eMail and Browsers and give these trolls there comeuppance! Read the Truth in the UK's Independent and ask yourself why it takes a German to tell brainwashed Americans the obvious, which their own Fathers' fought  in Germany (called WWII) to protect.

NSA & CIA former-abuser, never circumspect, thoroughly complicit, Mike Hayden, sparred with Barton Gelman
, (C-Span 3rd April), just off a 'Sugar high', rightfully so, after winning the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism for numerous articles based on Edward Snowden's Heroic releases. Watch the Video (C-Span.Org)

Boka Haram strikes again, this time in Abuja (Nigeria), Monday morning, killing 75, injuring 145
at Bus Depot. When does the madness end? Read the WSJ version here  From Nigeria Direct... 'Nigerian Trends' tm provides eyewitness account and here's a weird one about a man, arrested for taking pictures after a escape and tweeting them
.(Codewit.com) Nigeria

Abuja Nigeria, Boka Haram Strikes Again (www.ngtrends.com) Photo credit
Photo Credit NGTrends.Com
Today in Abuja Nigeria, Boka Haram Raises Ugly Head, Strike Again

Killer in Yesterday's attack on a Jewish Community Center and later driving to a Retirement Home, was ex-KKK Leader
, subject of 'Manhunt' previously, and White Supremacist says The New York Daily News (on the eve of Passover, Pesach) Heard yelling HH, when arrested.

Comment & Criticism 13th April

We scooped the  Philadelphia Inquirer
by fourteen days....
(when we first posted "List of Secrets"), as you'll see in Sunday's  Page Two   "
Current"...Comment & Review Section

"Revolution roots to a Jewish cemetery in Center City", this story reveals the open secret, secret no more, ('say no more, say no more')... that without Patriot American-Jewish Revolutionaries, we'd still be speaking with a British Accent, (or Prussian?), still paying tithe to the House of Windsor, supporting a 1000-year reign of Empire, still subjugating Indigenous People & Citizens, from India, Burma & the farthest most nether regions of Oceana to South Africa all the way back up to Canada. It was American Jews who  brought over the "Liberty Bell" and also arranged the first two credit lines for the Revolutionary Government ! You assumed Revolutionary Governments had "Open Credit Lines"? Think again :)

Mikvah Israel Cemetary, Home to America's Jewish Patriots

Fortunately, America was unleashed to start an Empire of its own, reeking havoc without opposition, riding a 238+ year reign of Endless WAR, Now known as the "War in Error" (how'd that "Revolution thing" go for the native, indigenous, Indian Tribal Nation? Well, not now with Gambling wealth, but way back when millions were murdered?). On a Global scale, sometimes briefly "justified", always, inevitably hijacked by forces greater than the intention or goal, conquest reaps unintended timelines.

On the 10th-Year anniversary of the "Battle for Ramadi", mischaracterized as the "Battle of Ramadi" supplanting "OF" for "FOR", taking out the Human element, and the Citizens killed there, out of the transaction. Ah, 'a Rose by any other name....' wouldn't be so BLOODY RED, or do we mean 'so drenched with Blood?' Learn the truth about Ramadi and Fallujah. You owe it to yourself and generations that follow. DPL

What to make of Car Manufacturer's Recalls, now millions-Mazda, Toyota (and GM contracted/outsourced), GM & V.W.

Reuter's Video-Toyota Recall...........Guardian UK........NHTSC.Gov 

National Highway Traffic & Safety. U.S. DOT    (List of USA Investigations & Conclusions & Recalls).

The "Great Ape Escape"
[Actually Chimps, which didn't stop at least one Kansas City TV Anchor from calling them "Apes"]  Please watch this video at your own risk. If you get painfully ill, you were warned.. If not a Vegetarian yet, there's more than enough here to remind you that your stomach is filled with dead, mutilated, tortured, bacteria-filled animal flesh, ostensibly because they don't speak ENGLISH.  As we entered the "Age of Aquarius" 12/12/12, the era of enlightenment will proceed with, or without you.....

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Russia Agent Provocateur in Eastern Ukraine or Genuine Uprising?
NYT assumes the former. Russia TV LIVE STREAM (arm of Putin, now banned in Ukraine, Latvia & Lithuania), asserts the latter. France 24 LIVE STREAM, Ukraine Defense Forces oust occupiers of Gov. Building in Donetsk, as "Rebellion spreads along South Eastern Ukraine, bordering Russia.  Last few hours, Brawl breaks out in Ukraine Parliament & NATO Chief urges Russia to "Pull Back". Kerry warns of new sanctions and Russian work of "contrived effort"..."across international boundaries" Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon shill voiced a new contrived term called "Arc of Concern", referring to a European path of Russian ascendancy.


Bill Maher, sometimes our hero, not always (HBO 10pm Friday nights-YouTube thereafter), made a salient point we'd just asserted last week, were about to Tweet, which regards the topic of Terrorism. What is it, how is it defined? What the Russians did to the Chechen? What the Chechen did to Russian Soldiers in retaliation? What Bin-Laden supposedly did to the USA,, (though how many nationalities were in those main buildings, how many nationalities rushed to help, how many on the ground (sidewalk),got clobbered by falling debris? A friend of this site just dropped dead a couple months ago, 13 years after running down to ground zero. Cause of Death? Stage 3 Leukemia. The City covered his last days, but Larry Silverman, 'not so much'.

In retaliation, we have killed how many? In Iraq alone 75,000 to 400,000 (estimates range from low via the- Red Cross, to a high from Humanitarian groups &  NGO's  to reports from -Family members missing, & still missing  etc.) In Burma, (we'll call it Myanmar when we want to), the Rohinga are being picked on because they look like Bangla and are mostly Muslim.  Buddhists burning down entire Villages, is that Terrorism? Even better, is that someone's version OF Buddhism?

Along comes the Fort Hood tragedy, and we are forced to ask-after 22 suicides a day, [SAY WHAT....you heard it, more death by Suicide than death in Combat], is not the Field, of Battle, which inevitably scars (or scares?) the psyche and leaves trauma on the mind,  [from which Soldiers come home scared] and leads to BIG PHARMA Psycho-tropics, which lead to these incidents, particularly gory mass-murders?   [The whole list, from Ambien to Abilify and Prozac in between]

What is "Terrorism"?

ter·ror·ism (dictionary.com)

[ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPA
1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3.  a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Origin: 1785–95; terror + -ism

ter·ror·ism (Merriam Webster)

noun \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\

: the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal

:  the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Fort Hood, Up front     Ivan Lopez, Facebook

"3-Killed, 16-Injured, 1-"Shooter Suicide", identified as Truck Driver,  Spc. Ivan Lopez, Age 34 (4.5 mo. tour in Iraq 2011)

Read about it here

Malaysian Air Update  MH370 is pinging or no? Day 36 on a 30-Day battery:
CNN's Richard Quest honestly stated the indelicate fact, but true,  that-Australia positioned at-12 hours ahead-of the USA, left Nighttime CNN coverage driving the daytime schedule. Host Don Lemon's guests included 3 Pilots an Audiologist & Thomas Altshuler, Group GM at Teledyne Marine.
Issues- Dominating the Evening?  Were Chinese actually able to pick up a "Heartbeat" with a Stethoscope from 3-miles? The Ping Detector was max-specified for 600 feet. Was the Video released a fake-either staged or not the actual ship video- to disguise "means and methods"
 CNN's attempt to bring the story home, increase viewer interest, wave the American flag, has seen airtime dedicated to self-congratulatory applause that the equipment being deployed was USA-made.  While at the same time, some intimated that the Chinese were off reservation, not coordinating the Search with Australia (Designated lead), to mollify domestic Chinese concerns?  Read the L.A. Times Story
Topics- #1 Possible Island Landing (remote, unoccupied, Indian Ocean); #2 Dolphin Tracking Tags or Whale Sonar & frequency; #3 Skirting Indonesia (asserted by CNN to be an "Exclusive"), but denied on-air by Malaysian Transport Ministry, and #4 Route of Crossing over Malaysia and then an abrupt 'left turn, nearly 160 degrees

CCTV (China News) with Photo of Ping Detector in Shallow Water (Staged?)

Public Photo from China TV (CCTV) tagged by AP? Thumbnail (Click to Expand)

Understanding Fort Hood, Texas and Beyond? See this Play...

Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq

World Premier "
Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq"
Wilma Theatre, Phila. PA. USA (March 19th-April 20th)

Darn that President Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter to you), going around, telling the truth, AGAIN!
[Andrea Mitchell Reports, Associated Press & David Letterman. We would expect Charlie Rose & PBS next?]

#1 Jimmy Says he and Barack don't talk because he was closed out of WH actions due to his realistic appraisal of Israel-Palestine Peace issues, (he speculates, we think, correctly) and the Israeli (USA) AIPAC lobby's financial power & influence (we added); and #2 The NSA? Jimmy says "we've gone too far" (Video link & below),  though Mitchell tried to justify the 'Surveillance Police State' (our term), with the usual -"after 9/11" canard and ruse.
He was not making an appearance to trash Obama or the NSA (both do fine by themselves). He was promoting his new Book about Violence Against Women & Female Genital Mutilation & Bondage and Slavery ("60,000 in the USA).

Read "A Call to Action" by Jimmy Carter. Simon & Schuster Online ($21.35 Hard Cover)
or Kindle ($12.74 eBook)

Last Monday Night Jokesters? David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers. David had Jimmy for a sit down, serious, no jokes, reality. Letterman said "I thought you were going to be funnier", breaking the silence, after Jimmy detailed how female mutilation takes place, leaving the audience gasping & shocked. Ah the burdensome TRUTH. ("Set you free" or give you nightmares?) 

Link to it here too. Pass around, copy, spread like fertilizer (YouTube)

Direct Italian Site: Radio Alitalia RAI5
(TV Schedule, on right side, 23rd March, says 'non-disponible', or not available)

The above posted video appears to have been deleted by CBS Legal, we assume, (reflexively & cynically), under direction from Keith Alexander, (America's Field Marshal Tantowi). The NSA is  so totally ferklempt over Jimmy telling the truth. In fact, they are so crazy over this release that they gave Bret Bier, Fox Fake News troll an exclusive (five minutes) with Alexander saying the NSA was not reading Jimmy's email, so he can return to sending (paraphrasing). Find the link yourself, we NEVER link to Fox Faux News.... Of course, Jimmy never said he thought they were reading HIS EMAIL, but all people. Last time we checked, Jimmy was 'people' too. He's our peeps for sure....

"Der NSA Komplex"
tm (German) $13.19 by Marcel Rosenbach. New version coming (with Holger Stark, both of 'Der Speigel') Ask yourself simply this, why do Americans have to speak or read German to get the truth about their own Surveillance State?   Because we are no longer a real "DEMOCRACY", big "D" or little "d". Read here from Deutche Welle (English)   Here's our own page on this matter & an 8-Minute Interview with Margaret Warner of Public Television (PBS USA) In English

Holger Stark Marcel Rosenbach NSA Matrix of Spying            Der NSA Komplex by Marcel Rosenbach (German)
More about James Earl ("Call me Jimmy") Carter, 41st President of these Unites States

Jimmy Fallon made a pathetic crack about "at least somebody is", after claiming that Jimmy said, (to AP or Mitchell) that
the NSA WAS reading his email. WRONG. He never said that. He merely restated what was already known by people who read the NYT or Guardian UK, the fact that the NSA is sweeping the ground, sky and oceans to steal copy written material called META DATA...Landline & Cell calls, email, logos, artwork, letters, Text, SMS, IM, Video Chat (YAHOO)... all things we told you for 14 years. Hmm. DEA illegally prosecuted people for 14 years using NSA pilfered info. Telling the "target", disclosing "exculpatory" facts, as required by a Court? NEVER. Until Snowden-THE HERO.

Seth Myers? How do you spell stupid? Of a Ex-President, rated #1 among X's...Bush, Clinton, Bush...Meyers said Jimmy had trouble "finding the 'SEND' button on his typewriter". We have serious qualms about the intelligence of, (and on) both Myers & Fallon, playing into NSA handlers' demands? Discredit the only President in 60 years NOT to have a WAR in 4-years of serving America. Both Fallon and Myers were BABIES in the 70's or even born?

Russia Today (TV) posted an "Op-Ed" which could have been written by Putin himself, (but actually by Robert Bridge, Former Editor Moscow News), in "NATO: Coming to Terms with America's Frankenstein Monster" summarizing grievances dating back to 1989 Fall of USSR. 'NATO lied about expansion', Star Wars ('unproven'), USA in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, (spelled Crimea) much of which is true. Read the 'Laundry List' (No, not a "Bucket List")   Russian News (RT) LIVE STREAM. Dedicated "Ukraine Crisis" Website? (evolving).

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, still missing after seventeen days, declared "Lost" ? Brits claim their 'Ping' Recordings shows the Plane and its 239 aboard went 6 pings or hours, running them far afield and into the Indian Ocean, out of fuel. This is merely speculation until the actual debris is found and forensics conducted. Sending the message via Text (SMS), the Malaysians could not have been less sensitive. This story is not buried yet. We will not be satisfied until the FBI also reports on the Co-Pilot's deleted files found from his Flight Simulator. Then there's Bill Richardson, (Former Gov. & U.S. Envoy), the only person to note that the Co-Pilot was from a Malay opposition party. Hmm.

Dianne Feinstein charges CIA with spying on their (CIA) computers on loan to Senate Intel Committee Staff reviewing Bush Era Torture at sites formerly USSR territory Prisons and Interrogation Centers. She lodged her attack on C-SPAN Live. See video below.

We told you about it 2 years ago when the Lithuanian Parliament issued a report from Vilnius of secret locations there. The denial that torture was used systematically as part of procedure is dispelled by testimony from freed Gitmo, Abu Gahraib and  Bahgram survivors. 

                      Washington Post     New York Times (Editorial)    Wall Street Journal     Mother Jones (David Corn)

Ukraine Update:  Former Presidential Candidates Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul have similar takes on the under-handed efforts to offer solace, gain advantage and 'curry favour' with the Thugs who seized power in Kiev, hiding in plain site amongst the Democracy advocates.

We are left to ponder?  Is this about Ukraine in the Western Sphere (EU), or NATO on Russia's doorstep. More than one web site notes a comment from the leader of "Right Sector" (half the coalition), about getting rid of "Jews, Communists and Russians" from Ukraine. Yesterday, a Rabbi in Kiev was also quoted as saying genuine opposition was more about corruption and inertia than anti-Russian sentiment. Yanukovych fed his horses Caviar from the trough, it seems, as CNN and others show off his Mansions, tour guides from Ukraine's newly awakened citizens.  Kucinich : Columbus Dispatch & Russia Today (TV) Paul: U.S. News & World Report  Russia Today (RT) [Includes issue regarding RT 'Censorship' denied by Paul and Yackmeister Larry King].

Comment: NSA & GCHQ still resemble the best in Orwellian thinking as Snowden's Guardian UK disclosure tells us that millions of Yahoo Messenger images were stolen every five minutes during Video Chat (2008-2012) without warning, warrant or compensation. Government perverts noted the high propensity of people to engage in naked chats which Intel Eunuchs characterized as "Pornographic".

Looks like they forgot to note what "Quacks like a Duck"? But their overall knowledge of Supreme Court decisions ranks with Forest Gump's theories on boxes of Chocolate, none. Seems they truly disdain the same people they were hired to protect.

The question is not the rights of Fascists to denigrate what people choose to do with their webcam-Remote Medical Training or Online Sex-but the point at which people will become so bored by NSA & GCHQ excuses that they tear apart both institutions, as required to restore the Constitution to its preeminence, THE PEOPLE & THEIR RIGHTS over Corporate Thieves & Government Thugs. (Oh, we forgot, the Brits have no rights or Constitution-they are 'Slaves of the Queen'. Or is that "Subjects of the Sovereign"? Sounds so much more enlightened doesn't it?)

Their attempt to hide their trolling perversions under the cloak of defeating terrorism only shows how morally & ethically challenged they are-Brits, Americans, Aussies-all trashing their Citizens-The Taxpayers-undermining all "Rule of Law".

'Practicing Facial Recognition', and 'it was all legal' and 'images every five minutes' (as though they were not recording the whole conversation). Why? Not enough server space, not because they care about anyone's rights. Wrong?

The Ukraine, U.S. & Russian Folly?

Yulia Ukraine    Yanucovich Putin   Chuck Hagel

Secretary Chuck Hagel initiates a bold plan to revamp U.S. force posture after 40 years of endless, corporate-demand driven, (read "Defense Policy Board") irrational, illogical, unfunded, debt-funded War and buildup to War. Richard Perle (before Swine), architect of 'Endless Conflict Budgeting' ran the Policy Board, a "Club for Scoundrels" (all War Manufacturers), up to the start of the Invasion, Occupation, Sublimation and eventual Castration of Iraq. Even Hagel recently called the Pre-meditated, orchestrated attack on Iraq an "Invasion and Occupation". It was not a War, Iraq never attacked the USA, remember?

Some would prefer a new enemy, if not Iran, and confronting China now is too complicated, why not "Back to the USSR"? Out with the old, in with the old?  Putin's case is 'politically challenged', but he can only be foisted by his own petard. Read The Economist (UK) which lays the blame at Putin's door.

The current take on this fast-unraveling disaster in Ukraine? Simply stated, nothing survives in a vacuum without Oxygen, right?. As of this writing, deposed President Yanukovych is missing since Friday, with an arrest warrant hanging from Parliament. Yulia is out of Jail, paraded in a Wheelchair & both parties, unless convinced to implement the US/EU Accord for joint power-sharing, are more likely to devolve into chaos, even Civil War, or a 'New Federalism', which creates a de facto two-state solution-East aligned with Russia, West aligned with....well you get it.

This happened Sunday, as East Ukraine factions announced they were running things locally, and were not answering to dictates from Kiev. [Fair Disclosure-ITVN's author D.P. Lang, originates from Odessa, Ukraine, ancestors emigrating to the USA in 1904]

Taken in concert with Hagel's announcement Monday, look for Graham & McCain to accuse him of being Naive', claiming they will fight cuts 'with every fiber and breath'.... The Pit Bulls will emerge claiming Hagel is raising the White Flag, but against whom? Your guess.

The real loser will be US, French, British and Israeli, Canadian and Brazilian defense (War) contractors, who will lay off workers now, to emphasize the eventual downside of downsizing, War-based labor shrinks.

This tactic mirrors the Washington monuments' closing by Mr. Obama at first sign of a Government shutdown, to hurt tourists, which makes good politics for the Cameras, as they wait in line for a cancelled tour, after their long trip to DC, eliciting sympathy, not backlash.

NPR predicts Flak     USA Today Overview     ABC News "Cuts in 2015"  Fox (Predictable) News Scolds of "Pre-WWII budget"

Enigmatic Hamid Karzai, former US patsy, now reflexively combative, releases 65 prisoners at Baghram, renamed Parwan Detention Center. BBC & NY Times both characterize the State Dept.'s. response as a version of Powell's 'you break it you own it' reference to Iraq (still broken), where they asserted Karzai would rue the day he let these prisoners go. He claimed the USA should respect Afghanistan's "Justice System". and that, either way, Afghans were "Sovereign" and it was of "no concern" to the USA.

Moshe Ya'alon Israeli Minister of Defense   Peres & Netanyahu "The Little Devilish Duo"   John Kerry  

Israel's Netanyahu & Ya'alon lash out at John Kerry (NYT)
mis-characterize his comments at the Munich Security Conference 2014. Ya'alon antagonizes Kerry & DefSec, Chuck Hagel, then walks it back. (Times of Israel). Photo of Peres with Netanyahu (reminds us all) of his having appointed (chosen) Netanyahu's right-wing extremist power coalition over Zivi Lipni, 61-59, Peres securing his own future.

The American Psychological Association declines to sanction a member
engaged in monitoring torture in 2002/2003 even though its Sister, the AMA had no reservations in its criticism of Bahrain when it chose to prosecute Doctors who had treated injured Protesters in last year's crushed uprising.

The Committee of Concerned Scientists said this... Of course the US Navy's 6th Fleet is harbored there, and nobody relevant is in Gitmo, right? The APA Board's President sent an "Open Letter to the Press" (Guardian UK). regarding its having declined to sanction "Doctor" John Leso.. APA Rules of Conduct (PDF)         The Guardian's (UK) version of Mohammed Al-Qahtani's detainment.

Snowden discloses extent of NSA combing,
collecting, storing of 200,000,000 Text/SMS per DAY. The Guardian What about the recent disclosure that NSA trolls infected 100,000 Computers worldwide using Malware (destructive invasive, illegal software infection), in an effort to attack foreign networks of Russia & China. [One country is called "our Ally" and the other, "our Competitor", but both treated with suspicion and more like "Enemies & Adversaries"]

Bill Maher takes on Greenwald saying Snowden made comments that were "Nuts"
Huffington Post's Tom Mullen says 'Snowden ain't the crazy one' read on as Progressives "eat their own".

Swedish Commission to investigate
future of privacy on the Internet in light of NSA illegal tapping & tracking disclosures.

Chemical Spill in West Virginia highlights how "The Tail Wags the Dog"
as nobody-from the EPA to local Water Officials-seem to know little or anything about the chemical compound.....
300,000 Elk Grove residents can not drink the water, 700 are sick and the entire 1500 miles of pipeline must "be flushed".

"4-MethylCycloHexane Methanol is a chemical used to clean coal before it is burned..." (Thanks Greg Laden) ScienceBlog.Com We do know this, though, the global chemical industry set a record of 38 Billion Tons used & released into the atmosphere, water, soil, food supply, manufacturing process, cosmetics, pesticides & air, making 2013 a year future generations will curse, condemn and point to, 'when humans surrendered to corporate greed', stopped questioning, testing & admitted defeat. Calling it "Global Warming" or "Climate Change", makes no difference to the millions dying of Cancer.

This is what they call "Clean Burning Coal"? An Oxymoron, or just Morons? Read the report (PDF from TCI America which is NOT the supplier), about "Freedom Industries", chosen by Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, owned by Georgia-Pacific, in turn, owned by the infamous, "Democracy Destroying" Koch Brothers.[Note: See words "No Data Available"] Coal cleaner than what? Read Scientific American's Story "Coal Ash is more Radioactive than Nuclear Waste"

Update: Freedom Industries wants to be "Free" of lawsuits - files Bankruptcy.  Welcome to Corporate "Weasel" America. Think Progress opines on the effect on West Virginia's poisoning victims.

Robert Gates hits the "Talking Heads", (no, not the Rock Band) Circuit, promoting his new book, taking aim and blame at Obama for an atmosphere of disdain and distrust between the White House & the Pentagon. Coupled by an unrelated article about the Obama's religious habits, is there a case being built for the "their not like us" opposition? Read the NYT and WSJ versions. One article notes that Gates is the only DefSec who has worked for both Democratic & Republican Admins, as though that gives him "street cred" to criticize. As for Dems, "worked to undermine" may be a more apt description. than "worked for".

Iran & USA share a nexus in mutual opposition to AQ resurgence? So says the New York Times' Thomas Erdbrink on today's front page. We'd like to say only a "cold day in Hell" would bring the two enemies to the table, but with temperatures diving below zero in New York City- Hell for the Homeless-that statement remains prescient. John Kerry says Iran may prove useful in a negotiated settlement in Syria. Is this a thaw without logic or reason, or are Kerry & Obama geniuses? Iranian 'rope-a-dope' tactics are old and boring and as long as it is a religious theocracy, run by a dictatorial Mullah, trusting Iran's word ranks up with believing Israel's Netanyahu.....

Egypt descends into fractional conflict, Bombings on City Bus, Police Station and other targets. Sinai region (at Gaza) spirals into chaos.  Elected Government of Morsi declared "Terrorists" in true Orwellian form. Muslim Brotherhood's Qatari benefactors to Foreign Ministry for "Dressing down". Hatred of Americans increases, China & Russia 'sphere of influence' uptick. Gen. Fatah Al-Sisi dreams of "Presidency". In the steps of Sadat and Mubarak, 3rd Military Leader to grab power illegally. Kerry visits, achieves nothing. Tourism income fizzles, Egyptian businesses stagnant or dead three years after Mubarak inspired revolt.
The NYT ran a profile, Saturday, of Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi, the face of the current Military Junta, asserting that he pines for the legitimacy and imprimatur of saying he is the "President". Since Elections are stooged, sorry, we mean "staged", does it really matter what he labels the position he assigns himself?

We were based there, in 2005-2007, presaging the fall of Mubarak, our presence requested at the MOI for "questioning" after merely saying Mubarak was a "pint-sized Dictator" on the Club Floor at the Semiramis Intercon, for which we were reported by the sleazy Manager on duty. Now, 2014, six years on,Habibi El-Adly, Min of Interior was tried, convicted and sentended to Death, now overturned, pending new charges.

Friday (24th January was a bloody day as three bombings across Egypt, from Cairo to Demanya, blame laid on "outside forces", for once, not a referral to Israel.Wael Geneem and other refugee Bloggers, mostly secular, supporting neither El-Sisi or Morsi, lament their status from UAE and USA, far outside the conflict.

Illegal "Invasion & Occupation" to steal Oil
Exact language by Chuck Hagel, Defense Sec. & reason why right-wing extremists (Republicans) fought his nomination

Latest update? Hellfire missiles to Nouri Kamal Al-Maliki, strongman
Green Revolt abandoned

Then comes "Almondine the Nutjob"

Now precipitous thaw over Nukes allows domestic policies to be ignored.

Israel threatens to ignore USA and attack without warning. Netanyahu coalition can't be trusted.
The Yemen
Civil War N&S, then 2010
Settlement & now AQAP
NYT of Abdullah Saleh's Power after leaving power

Drones kill AQ, Bystanders and two Americans (without trial or due-process) making Obama a murderer? ICC would say YES.

Saudi Wahhabis flood mountains, aid rebels
Civil War ignored
Bashar "bad guy" but ours.

ISIS emerges and
Conflict now 3-way
Syrian Gov., FSA (Opposition) & Islamists intent on "Islamic State of Iraq & Syria"

30,000 Syrian refugees head for USA
35 years of fumbling

Series of fake elections

Anything for Israel

Shadow Gov. runs the show (like USA)
Home to Glenn Greenwald

Spying on Leaders

Spying on Paribas, National Oil company? For who? USA companies? Of course, yes.
Tapping Angela Merkel leaves them wondering what is a "Friend", an "Ally" an "Adversary" and an "Enemy".

For NSA, it's all the same, protect USA businesses.
Blind hatred of Hugo Chavez drove Bush/Cheney wrong-headed policies

Attempted Coup by CIA fails, bolsters Chavez
Kissed up to dictator Pervez Musharraf

BAD advice got Bhutto killed

Drones undermine Gov. authority and sovereignty
Waziristan (SWAT)
Supply route to Afghan War

Haqqani Network "double agent" paid to protect convoys, then attacked them. Now killed by Drone himself.

Drones kill 'bad guys' & families too.
Halted pursuit of Bin-Laden

Outsourced $200MM to Gen. Dostum, avowed Communist & America hater who pocketed the funds-never pursued

Karzai corrupt CIA pawn

No experience with voting or Democracy
Controls USA politics

Allowed to BUILD illegal settlements on occupied land.

Violates U.N. with impunity

Netanyahu & Lieberman, most dangerous "allies"
Focus on Kaddafi

Ignored AQ elements

Weapons stockpile to Mali

Benghazi CIA "Interrogation" (read 'Torture') Center adjacent to Embassy Consulate Bldg focus of attack
Somalia (Eritrea)
Abandoned after Blackhawk Downed

Mohamed Farah Adid

El Shabbob
Attacks on Shabbob redound to Kenya

Shopping Mall attack results in renewed conflict
Libya weapons stockpiles un-monitored by CIA or NATO help start war there.

Now USA & French engaged
Mohamed Bashir the nutjob dragged his people through political mud for decades

Many refugees end up in Egypt
South Sudan
Newest Creation of USA & George Clooney.

Historical ignorance blinds USA of  two Tribal conflicts, now degenerating into 2nd Civil War?
Truce & Peace talks (25/01/14)
NSA & CIA & NRO promote Civil Conflict & extend war

Logistics to Thugs & Murderers

Where are the "best drugs"? CIA vaults, of course.
Cuba & Venezuela
Small Cuban community in Florida allowed to drive wrong-headed policy 50 years.
Morphed into Military Force

Drones killed the Radio Star & HUNDREDS of innocent bystanders
Evildoers out of control

Shadow Government out of control

Specialty in Lies & Deceit... undermining  Civil Rights & USA Constitution
Where are the best Meds & Illegals?
DEA pockets, desk drawers & vaults, of course. 'Corruption Central'

War in ERROR based on TERROR (Colombia)
NSA conspiracy to destroy Democracy, install Fascist State (maintain Shadow Gov.) succeeds.

18 Mayors desecrate Civil Rights & US Constitution in a 'Conference Call' designed to co-ordinate a frame job & end of the  "Occupy" movement.
Endless Conflict - Endless War

A simple primer for travelers & time-squeezed entrepreneurs*

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Google Images graphic of Endocrine Diisrupters

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*Did you know that 20% of the graduates from American High Schools could not find the USA on a world map without the country names written in? Who cares, use "Google Maps", stay uninformed. Right? Wrong.

#1. Watch multiple foreign broadcasts-BBC, France 24, Deutche Welle, Al- Jazeera, Russian TV (RTV) & USA Propaganda Networks dictated to & censored by NSA (CBS, ABC, Fox, MSNBC, CNN....), then draw your own educated conclusions!

Read at least 3 Print News sites- The Economist, The Guardian & The Financial Times. Add Daily Star (Pakistan) & The Nation (Thailand). All have websites in English. USA? Read The Christian Science Monitor, The Nation, The New York Times (tongue in cheek),

Better yet? #2. Watch Amy Goodman's "DEMOCRACY NOW"


#3. AND Stay tuned for ITVN Daily Global Broadcast (Internet Only) Coming Soon to a Browser near you :) Staffed by Interns & Crew from NYU & The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (NYC).



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Internet TV News was founded by Douglas Pepper Lang, December 21, 2000, one day after the United States Supreme Court intervened in the American elections between George W. Bush & Albert R. Gore, illegally, without Constitutional authority, deciding in favor of their Appointer & Benefactor's political party, The Republicans, and President's George H.W. Bush & Ronald Reagan, thereby protecting their power base & destroying elective Democracy. Gore had 5,000,000 more popular votes & corrupt Florida had Bush's Brother as Governor.

*The term "Cultural Decoder" emerged in a telephone call from a woman who identified herself as "Cleo Rosebud Zoots" of California, perhaps 15-17 years ago, to the American TV Network C-SPAN (Congressional Cable TV). Mornings 7am-10am Viewers may call-in Worldwide. Host, Brian Lamb, then the Network's CEO, without realizing she was self-identifying,self-depricating, 'tongue in cheek' asked her "How much does that pay?"