Coup d'e-tat: a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one effecting a change of government illegally or by force.
Webster's Encyclopedia Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language.
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(Dateline Washington, DC)

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(First Update 03-08-10, War budget goes from $268BB under Clinton to $700BB under Cheney/Bush-Obama down to $600BB)


To our friends around the world, you may be wondering what is happening over here in the USA.  It is not that difficult to follow, because it's always about money anyway. A long standing government within the government, known as a "shadow government" has stolen Elective Democracy from the American people. This group is run by the CIA, NSA and NRO.  Its combined budget is 50 Billion Dollars (31 "Black Budget" and 19 "Anti Drug").  Combined efforts have created the de facto existence of a police state.

"A police state is incompatible with liberty. A hundred years ago the federal government was
     responsible for enforcing very few laws. This has dramatically changed. There are now over 3,000
     federal laws and 10,000 regulations employing hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats diligently enforcing
     them, with over 80,000 of them carrying guns. We now have an armed national police state, just as
     Jefferson complained of King George in the Declaration of Independence: "He has sent hither swarms of
     officers to harass our people and eat out their substance." A lot of political and police power has shifted
     from the state and local communities to the federal government over the past hundred years. If a
     constitutional republic is desired and individual liberty is cherished, this concentration of power cannot be tolerated."
HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS (one of the few things he says which are true)   (Otherwise, he's a stooge)

As for the election, the technique employed is known as "Triangulation", which refers to shooting from three sides, as in the Murder of John Kennedy, his brother Robert, (both Catholics) and the Reverend Martin Luther King. Hmmm. read Mark Zepezauer "The CIA's Greatest Hits"

"Triangulation" of Al Gore was comprised of three elements:

     1.  Undermining of Election laws targeting Americans of African and Haitian heritage,  and Jewish elderly in Florida, which was well known to be the battleground State for votes. These groups went 92% Gore. Racists and anti-semites run the show behind this curtain of secrecy. (Read Here and Here and  Here, too.) Funny, Clarence Thomas voted to shut the count, since this meant Bush got a hundred percent of the Black vote with the Supremes, says John Stewart @ Comedy Central. What about using paid thugs dressed as yuppies?

     2.  Court Challenges to stop tabulating votes by hand,  which are rejected by defective machines which can't read 2-3% of the cards in this 40 year old technology. Check the trial testimony where the Republican's lawyer shoots himself in the foot, as the inventor of the Vote-a-Matic says it has several design flaws, shocking everybody.

When asked, he said "I know of no other way", regarding the stack of rejected ballots. Intro to duuuhhh! There is no other way to look at something than to look at it, by hand. Then David Boies presented him with a patent application for a new stylus, to replace the old one, which was defective. It was the inventor's own application. So what was blamed on "whining, complaining blacks and jews and old people" as a means to demonize (ridiculed nightly by Letterman and Leno), was actually an IBM 40 year mistake! Yikes, better not reshow that video. Not like you show the same person using a magnifying glass 3X the size of his face, hand inspecting a paper ballot, which gives the appearance of a farce. Hmm, Republican judge?

And then, Verrrrry smart move, use the  Federal Judges appointed by the candidates' father GHW Bush, and his predecessor, extremist Ronald Reagan. These zealots were higher up the appeal ladder than the State Court judges appointed by Democrats. Trump you. For a plain english explanation of the case for non-lawyers, Click Here

     3.  Conspiracy between the candidates brother, Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida), the person approving the votes (Katherine Harris) who was also the candidates' State Party Co-Leader and lastly the leader of the Florida Legislature, an extremist named Tom Feeny who was Jeb Bush's running mate in the last election. Incestuous? Harris is also the one who hired the Republican firm for $4 million to purge voter rolls of Felons. 173,000 names, 15% wrong. Accident? In one precinct 600 were prevented, while 27 had actual records. Racism? Naaaaaaaaaa. Imagine her on a commission investigating herself. No problem, as Republicans read the "conflict of interest" rules.

It is becoming obvious that a number of laws written to prevent voter fraud-having two candidates from the same state, stopping people from voting with minor police records (called "misdemeanors"), stopping people from voting (like police pulling over their car to check for ID) -were violated. Who ordered the State Police, that day of all days? Jeb?

Today the Republic of Texas took over the country in the most classic of coups, aided and abetted by Christian Extremists who spread lies about Gore in churches across America. Is this why he lost Tennessee? What did it say on the Christian Coalition propaganda "primer"?

They installed George W. Bush, loving bufoon and son of the SG-DCIA (Shadow Government, Director of CIA) , GHW Bush, on propaganda slogans like "I am a uniter not a divider" (which de facto implies that the other party is a divider) and themes like "compassionate conservative", one meant to taint and demean the other an oxymoron. His ad campaign included diabolical techniques like "subliminal advertising" which inserted the word "RATS" into the video every 24th of 30 frames, then "bureaucrats decide". The FCC has been asked to investigate.

In 1980, when Bush was CIA Director running with the Great Pretender, Ronald Reagan, they used these same devious and sinister techniques to undermine President Jimmy Carter (a fine and decent human without equals), bribing Iranian Goverment officials and Hezbollah (in Paris 10-18/19-1980) to withhold release of the Hostages in Tehran until after the election. Even though Reagan was ahead, they were still paranoid Carter would win, if the hostages were released early. If proven, this was an act of Treason which remains unpunished. The Pilot was Gunther Karl Russbacher, now in jail on framed charges. On "McNeil/Lehrer News Hour", Carter once said of this story that he 'hoped one day historians and researchers would bring the story to light.'

The fingerprints of Papa Bush and his gang of CIA thugs are everywhere. Remember, Bill Casey and GHW Bush started the CIA in 1947. Thought they gave up power? Silly you. Remember Casey died right before testifying before Congressional hearings on "Iran-Contra"?

Find it strange Bill Clinton has been so quiet as the election was stolen from his vice-president? His hands are tainted too, by the same connections, CIA Cocaine, Mena Arkansas Airport, Barry Seale and The Iran Contra Affair, where cocaine was sold on the streets of America in a form called "crack", enslaving the Black population, not assaulted by AIDS. Profits from the Cocaine sales financed secret "Black Budget" operations, including smearing people who get in their way.

These young men were then targeted for prosecution, jailed and dis-enfranchised, knocking 500,000 votes from the list because of Drug Crimes listed in the criminal code as a "Felony" offense for which you lose your right to vote.  Clinton also knew Jr Bush was slated for ascendancy in a deal he'd made with Papa long ago. He also feared potential prosecution from rogue forces in a Bush appointed Injustice Department.

For the media, that was easy. Bush cousin, John Ellis (Jeb is "John Ellis Bush") infiltrated the cable TV company controlled by Ultra-Conservative Australian Baron Rupert Murdoch, here called "Fox News". At the right time Ellis advised his boss that Jr was leading and taking control. Fox called the election for Bush, other TV networks quickly followed suit, assuming the Voter News Service (some CIA front, no doubt) was providing correct data.

The public, like out of some Orwellian (Animal Farm) nightmare, began the slow, faint chant for Jr, BUSH, BUSH, BUSH....

When it became clear that 179,500 paper card ballots, known as punch cards, were rejected from the machines-untabulated-while the difference between the candidates was a scant 930 votes, Al Gore, the Democrat, asked for a hand recount, specified under Florida law, if there were a likelihood the count would change the outcome. This is also the law in Bush' Republic of Texas, which his operatives tried desperately to obfuscate.

First Bush went to Federal Court, claiming the date had passed, then that hand counts were illegal (because of no defined rule on what to call a qualified vote, which differed by county), and finally, that they made up new rules after the election (as in a "rule on what to call a qualified vote"). Catch 22?  These slugs are slimy baby; you better get early while they're still sleeping under their rock.

As for the timeline: But how do you contest a county like Miami-Dade with over a million votes and recount in 1 day? Dilemna? Image you're the Florida Supreme Court, all appointed by conservative (read Southern) Democrats? Who wrote these stupid statutes #166 and #168 in the election code, in obvious conflict? The Florida Republican Legislature, of course. Accident? Don't think so...No standard on how to read a ballot, or valid vote? Republicans, though it is the same language across the country, including Texas.

Since Republicans knew these were the votes of elderly Jews, first time voters, young Americans of African decent, Haitians speaking Creole and others, most likely to be overwhelmingly Democratic voters, they ran into Federal Court, to judges they'd appointed 1968-76 & 1980-1992. At the Supreme Court level, five of seven were extremists willing to overlook 224 years precedent and ruled for their benefactor, GHW Bush and his boy Jr. ("his boy Elroy").

For public opinion, they fomented hatred against these groups, and talk shows were flooded with anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-disabled rhetoric across the radio & TV spectrum. Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, "Dr." Laura Schleshinger, Janet Parshall, Armstrong Williams, John Fund (Wall Street Journal Republican hack), and other paid stooges went on the assault. One caller to C-Span said "We won the election without you and we don't need you now." (12-15-00) See Alexander Keyssar, "The Right to Vote".

Of course, that ignored the fact that: A). Old people and 1st time voters pay taxes too; and B). the ballot in the paper was not the same, nor had the arrows, and; C).  most importantly and lastly, if proven true, the ballot was designed by the paid insider at the ad agency, NOT TO FIT.(1/16 inch off?).

From among the "Pol" TV talking heads,  Christie Todd Whitman, Mark Racicot, Andrew Card, Ken Blackwell, Dick Thornburgh, Craig Fuller, Frank Keating, John Ashcroft (beaten illegally by a dead man), Jennifer Dunn, Tom Ridge, Richard Armitage, Linda Chavez, Mitch McConnell (wife), Dan Coates, Tommy Thompson-all are being appointed to the cabinet or senior positions, or will be. Accident? Don't think so. Nor was their "availability" to the media.

Soon, the chorus was singing the mantra, "they've been counted, and recounted, and in some cases counted a third time." (Of course, the actual rejected ballots were never hand inspected, that was the point.) A cynical reliance on the axiom that you can "dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bullshit". Bullshit is a Republican specialty. Read a few Bushisms here.

Friday, 12-15-00, the racist, Paul Weyrich, of the "Free Congress Foundation" was on C-Span spewing hatred from sea to shining sea, unfettered for 30-45 minutes. Read about this scoundrel here.

Now that they have seized power, in violation of the Constitution, co-opting the national Democratic Party apparatus in an un-holy alliance, they will now become known as "Republic Rats". All others are called "sore losers", which is their Kafkaesque technique for turning groups against each other and "Marginalizing" the opposition. Richard Nixon, another racist and Jew hater had some of these same scoundrels working for him.

But we know their game now, and no rock will be large enough for them to hide under. Any Co-Opted Court Judge-Federal or State, Democrat or Republican who takes sides with these Usurpers against the Rule of Law (not their ROL which means make it up as you go along, but the actual ROL in statute) will pay sooner or later by resignation or impeachment.

The last chapter has not yet been written, though they delude themselves into believing they've cracked the code. Among them, dangerous extremists of the highest order, bent on restricting a women's choice over her own reproduction, re-installing Christian Prayer in public schools, eliminating anti-pollution laws, oil drilling on pure, clean land, increasing military expenditures (including the discredited and first-strike protecting "nuclear shield" or Star Wars) and transferring even more $ from the working class to the rich, where now 1% own 95% of all wealth.

Most brainwashed Americans repeat the mantra as expected like the text on the sign of a Republican "protester" at the Court recently..."Gore Concede, you're hurting the economy because I should be shopping for Christmas". No doubt she eats that high quality McDonalds Burgers, while watching the GE/MSNBC-DISNEY-AOL-TIME-WARNER TV network with 200 channels airing Wrestling and Cartoons.

Gee, hope Democracy is not too much of a burden lady, or was that line more telling than we'd thought, when Franklin said "A Republic if you can keep it"......As for the $, today it was announced-twelve hours after Democrats and Republicans inaugurated the "Banana Republicrats of America Party"-AOL/TIME WARNER $111 BILLION DOLLAR MERGER APPROVED. Timing is everything.

My client from Cameroon says they had their election four years ago and they counted all the votes. Weird or what? My taxi driver from Ghana says their election was December 7th and they know the winner already. If a tie? A run off. Strange stuff. And the last driver from Gambia said "in my country there is a dictator who seized power years ago, arresting all his opposition. My grandmother, who I just spoke with, was going to leave the government, risking her life, calling for free elections, asking for UN and American monitors. But now, you Americans have no moral authority on the topic of Democracy whatsoever..."

Remember, Al Gore won over Jr Bush with 540,435 more votes. Without the corrupt Florida Electors included, Gore 267 & Bush (league) 245. If Jr's so good for the USA, why is the Stock market dropping day after day?

Watch closely and you will see a manufactured National Emergency to distract the public in short order, while they make a grab for the $. Today they started floating the words "Energy Crisis". $ for drilling? Opening up Public lands to drilling? Second floater? RECESSION COMING...Tax cut? $1,300,000,000,000.00 Wonder who's gettin' that?

ABM? Dead. Star Wars resurrected. Congrats to the MIC, ("Military Industrial Complex").

"Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry.
American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But
now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been
compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this,
three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment.
We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the
American experience. The total influence -- economic, political, even spiritual -- is felt in
every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the
imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave
implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted
influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for
the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic
processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry
can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with
our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. "

President & General Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

Secretary of Defense, Chief of Staff and President of the Senate, Chancellor Cheney, welcome! We have missed you and the whole team. Give our love and kisses to King George III of Bush. We're so happy you're here; democracy was such a burden.

Honor the Triumvirate: "Fuck the Jews" James A. Baker III,  "Media Manipulation Mike Deaver" & "Innocent people are not suspects",  Ed Meese. Their boss? GHW Bush.

But please give the undertaker a day off from digging up all those corpses.

Breaking News:According to Fox News, 10pm broadcast, 12-16-00, 44% polled say Jr may do a good job "despite his slight margin of victory in the election." Wow, only 72 hours and we're re-writing history.

Gallup/USA Today/CNN Poll....18% say Jr stole the election, (but we hate polls, so why quote them just because they support our view?)

Quid pro quo Al Gonzales (judge who recused Jr from serving jury duty last year, thereby not having to commit perjury by denying a conflict in a DWI case he was asked to serve as juror) Read Here for Dallas Morning News

Condoleezza Rice-National Security (screwed from cabinet level post by Powell, who would then have been her equal).
Sits on the boards of companies such as the Charles Schwab Corporation and the Chevron Corporation (on the front lines in Nigeria). Conflict? One of her advisers, also with conflicts of interest, Dov S. Zakheim.

Colin Powell-Secretary of State, of whom  Gen. Norman Swartzkopf is supposed to have said 'had trouble taking orders.' Read more, by Noam Chomsky, about the big hero of the Gulf War.

Other News:Happy Birthday to Union Carbide, Murderers of Bhopal, on the 16th anniversary of killing thousands of Indians in the 1984 release of 40-tons of lethal chemicals. CEO Warren Anderson? Missing.

See a more expanded list of charges and historical precedent from the Hayes Tilden Election, when the Republicans last stole the election the same exact way, in 1876-77

See and for a refreshing slice of truth.

Read the new bill in Congress #H.Con.Res. 443, (Click Here)

This page has been reviewed for typo's, grammar, punctuation, legal, links, historical references and innacuracies.  Please send an email if you find a technical mistake.  If you just disagree, tell it to the Republicans. We're "not giving them hell, we're just telling the truth and they think it's hell" Harry S Truman, the last plain-speaking President, except Lyndon Baines Johnson & James Earl Carter.

PS:I did not write this web page to trash George Bush, who seems to be a loveable guy, as an individual. Nor was it produced to support Al Gore, who had all the cards in his favour (coup plotters aside, of course). Rather, my interest was two-fold.
First, to give an overall view of the landscape to our international visitors, who comprise over 50% of our client base, and are more sophisticated than most among our U.S. corporate clients, and are less likely to comprehend twisted Republican logic, and who, by the way, have been making me "eat crow", from Athens to London, since the "Gang of Five" gave the election to Jr.  Others have a specific axe (so to speak), considering Georgies propensity to execute people, which doesn't jive well with actual Christians, (as opposed to simulated).
Secondly, as a 43 year old American who thought he'd seen it all, the brazen theft of this election was too much to bear, even considering the lies of Reagan, Bush and Clinton. Just read about Secret Courts, the V-Chip, Email tapping, Keyboard "Keystroke Recorders" ($195.00) Satellite, Internet & Telephone surveillance, Cellular Tapping, Reno's disaster in Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge...

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