The Impeachment of Donald Trump: A Case Study in the Corruption of Politics

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*Criminal Connections & Prosecutions *Civil Cases for Fraud *Civil Cases for Indebtedness

Workmen try to clean the wall of filth left by Trump sign

Sign company crew taking down "Trump Village"

Note the Sun staining the name onto the edifice? That's why we've said ...

"You can take down the name, but the stain remains the same."


Professor Laurence Tribe's Case (4 violations of Emoluments Clause):

Slate Magazine questions whether the case is winnable, calling it an "Audacious Gamble" Read their take

Forbes Magazine weighs-in on chances for success Read it here

The Harvard Crimson offers their take on their own Professor Here's the Article

Boston.Com writes "Tribe says Trump must be Impeached" Catch it here

Boston.Com posits "Everything you need to know" about Emoluments Written here


Just watch this video example of Trump, as he slides from following his call list and written script, to verbal diarrhea, then totally unhinged....


List of Transgressions

Obstruction of Justice- In defense of Gen. Flynn then Don Jr.

Collusion with Russians-Kesliev (Amb.) & Lavrov (Visit to WH leaked) and Trump Tower (Remember the Adoption Distraction?)

Go between Flynn and Son-in-Law Jared Kuschner

Kuschner Financial Crimes: 666 Fifth Ave, Saudis and Chinese

Mueller Takes Over-Team Bannon sets out to defame and defeat

Five Million Reasons he never pays Labor or Vendors until desperate (THEM, not him)

$25 Million examples of ripping people off: Non-Existent, un-registered "University"

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