List of 30 Earthly Secrets, Buried Deep, Now Uncovered 1995-2014:

Why you need to know & care & do something about it !

Douglas Pepper Lang

So Many Lies & Hidden Truths Finally Exposed to Daylight



"I must not fear"

Frank Herbert, Dune Interview (1969)

Frank Herbert Author of "Dune"

Summary-All Human action emanates as a response from our own irrational "Fears & Desires" 

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”

Indian Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) YouTube Video "The questioner asks: Who are you?"

Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti

We have held our tongue, lo these past 18 years of travel through 27 countries.   But, as 'they' say, "All good things must come to an end", and thus, we are finished with guarding the secrets of others, especially when we do NOT share their agenda.

Starting in 1995, 2-weeks before the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin until the moments of this posting, we have kept our peace, held our tongue, and watched as the world devolved further into War, Chaos & a 'Sea of Subterfuge'. No More.

#1 Who killed Yitzhak Rabin & Why? 1995 (Israel) Start by watching both videos (the fake 3-minutes and real 11 minutes) and then, we will tell you the rest. "The worst thing in the world is about to happen and you have to be there and you have to see it". "Why me?", I asked. Because, he asserted, "You are the Witness", said John. "Yes, but why me ? Details forthcoming about meeting Yigal Amir that night, about 45-minutes before he allegedly shot Rabin or was it a New Yorker whisked out of Israel by Mossad & CIA?Then there was getting tossed in Jail on revisit (1995 Assasination-1997 Detained 5-hours-1999 Tossed in Ben-Gurion Jail), Later meeting Arafat & Ashrawi, meeting the PLO in Washington, arranging to meet Hamas in Damascus, secretly undermining the Camp David negotiations with Clinton, Ehud & Yassir...Visiting the Embassy of Palestine, Egypt, secretly meeting Zvee Mazel (Israeli Ambassador to Egypt....Also, Passover Dinner at his House in New Maadi, a classy suburb of Cairo, designed by Egyptians Jews), his exile to Sweden, soon thereafter and all the sordid, gory details... A story even we find hard to tell, now, 18 years after!

#2 Alteration of the U.S. Constitution (1877-1913) - Needed to set the stage for G.W. Bush theft of the Presidency, sinking of Jeb, ascendancy of Richard V. Cheney, covered up by William H. Rehnquist, now, conveniently dead. (USA) Details forthcoming

", And when there shall be but one certificate, ......" "The Electoral Count of 1877" Library of Congress & National Archives

#3 How did tiny, puny, S.W. Bell take over behemoth AT&T Corp.? Can you spell Influence, Corruption & Bribery of Foreign Officials? (South Africa) "If you expose this, we will destroy you" (2007) SBC Asst. General Counsel (WDC)

#4 Saving the House of Saud- TWA flight, Tel Aviv to NYC 1995 (Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA). Details forthcoming

#5  Where is Jesus (Joshua) Buried? Oops. Sorry, we agreed not to expose this. On the other hand...

#6   "Douglas, My Boy (I was 38), How would You Like to be President of Israel"? The secret, invisible hand of Free Masonry..

#7. The truth about Re-Incarnation & Time Travel? 13 maps & then there's John.

#8   NATO's use of radioactive tipped weapons spreading CANCER? (Iraq & Afghanistan) "Cuts through a Tank, like a hot knife through Butter"   Details forthcoming

#9   Chernobyl, 3-Mile Island & Fukushima?

#10   How did Humans get here? 'Urantia' (or as you call 'Earth') ? Just ask "John"  Details forthcoming

#11  American Torture chambers worldwide- Black Sites and Black Holes explained. Read the Lithuanian Parliament Report

#12  Iran, Siemen's, 'Stuxnet', Mossad, CIA & NSA-World's Spy Networks  & Cyber WWIII

#13 The Secret Name of G-d?  You're kidding, right? That's more dangerous than # 15, #17 and #25 combined. Sorry.  Oh, you are Jewish? Well, then, MAYBE...

#14 Vichy France's Favorite Hotel: "Lutetia, Grande Dame of French Hotels, Host to the Nazi's"  and "Say Fella', Where's the Swimming Pool" (France). Caveat-We stayed there a few times, great Hotel (now) and Great Staff. But their past is another matter.

#15   Where is the "Ark of the Covenant"?  Can you swim? We have the Longitude & Latitude, yet sadly, no government is responsible enough to possess this Power. Certainly not the Brits, American, Israelis, Chinese or Russians or other practitioners of "Empire  Building". (No, not the Empire State Building :) Oh well, maybe Jamaica?

#16   The "Lost" Tribe of Israel in Burma:  "Su Kyi, I Love You" (Myanmar)

#17   Who Killed Dianna & How? House of Windsor self-destructs. Take the high-speed ride with us on that fateful path from the Ritz Hotel into the Parisian Underpass, (It was not a Tunnel). What is a "Cold-Fusion Bullet"? (France)

#18   3 & 13, The Secret of Prime: "A table with two legs can not stand" & "Everything happens in 3's" [Earth, Moon & Mars]

#19   Egypt, The "Pyramids" and "Man, Women, Child"

#20   Who Started, Financed & Created the American Revolution & Why? Nathan Hale, Nathan Levy, Aaron Levy, Michael & Bernard Gratz & Haym Salomon and so many more, unwritten, long-forgotten.  These men are all heroes & great Jewish-Americans, without whom, we'd still be speaking with a British accent, followed by Canadian, Prussian, Spanish, Mexican then German.  You thought the Revolutionary Government had a Credit Line?  Wrong answer. You were thinking that the 'Liberty Bell" walked here?

Mikvah Israel Cemetary. Philadelphia, PA (USA)

click to enlarge

#21   "Not All Who Die in War are Solders" An American Family is destroyed by British & American Subterfuge and retaliation.  Detained 5 hours on January 29th, 2007, Heathrow Airport, 23 handwritten questions. #3 "What is Internet TV News?" & #4 "Who owns Internet TV News?" & #5 "What do you have against George Bush?"  You're gonna' love this story of rights denied, distortion, deception, verbal threats, "Deportation" & "Entry Denied".   You deluded yourself into thinking the USA or UK were "Democracies"? Not even with a little "d".   Details forthcoming.

#22   "Too Many Secrets, No More Lies"

Sneakers "Too many secrets, no more lies"

Sneakers (1992) -starring Ben Kingsley, Sydney Poitier, Robert Redford & River Phoenix & David Strathairn.

#23   "V for Vendetta" (2005)- starring Natalie Portman:


#24   "DUNE" (2005) aka Arakis (Greek for 'Mars'): Starring William Hurt, Alec Newman & Giancarlo Giannini. The earlier version (1984) with Kyle McLaughlin, was droll, tedious, boring & convoluted. The 2005 version, produced by Ted Turner for TBS, lays it out clearly, with narration.  First Secret? Bene Gesserit (Cryptogram) "Essenne Tribe (of) G".

Dune by Frank Herbert (Made for TV) by Ted Turner

#25   What Really Happened on the Eleventh of September?  Just a Global War on Islam, or a Global War on all Humanity? We will expose the timeline in New York, London & Madrid. Hint? Key is Kathleen Rowley (FBI), Marvin Bush (Duh) & John Kelly (WTC Dir. of Security) Securecom (USA), Presigur (Spain) & Group4Securicom (England), same company with 300,000+ "Guards" worldwide.

#26   "Loose Change An American Coup" and Far, far beyond (2011) by Dylan Avery- starring Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Yu, Douglas Feith, George & Marvin Bush, Elliott Abrams, Osama  Bin-laden and a cast of millions

"Loose Change" An American Coup d'etat

#27   "We cleaned out all the dead wood; now we have a free reign for the next 25 years" (2003)

Spoken at a Private Lunch, between Richard Perle, former U.S. Under-SecDef, (and Leader, Defense Policy Board -now resigned), to his old friend, Dr. Bijan Sepasy, Phd [former DG, Min. R & D, Gov. of Iran, under Shah Reza Pahlavi], now deceased, referring to 'firing or forced retirement' of Generals' Shelton, Shalikashvili & Shinseki, (anti-war, 'rule of law' military), needed to initiate the Illegal "Invasion & Occupation" of Iraq, and the establishment of permanent bases in the Mideast. [Current DefSec Chuck Hagel now speaks in this Lexicon, too]

#28   The Palm Beach 'Butterfly Ballot' (USA 2000 Election).  5,000 votes for Anti-Semite Pat Buchanan? Not a chance. The ballot was shaved so it slid onto the wrong peg; a vote for Joe Lieberman registered to Pat.  Details forthcoming

#29    "The October Surprise" by Barbara Honneger (Former Reaganite) Read the review (Amazon)

Barbara Honneger "The October Surprise"

Tells all about how Democracy was stolen from America when George Bush (V.P. to be and "Former-always CIA" & William Casey, future Director, CIA) traipsed off to Paris to pay 'Ayatollah Coca-Cola' Khomeini $40mm USD to prevent the Hostages from being released on October 18-19, thereby assuring that President Jimmy Carter would be re-elected. (Election November). Key elements? #1. Bush denied he was there; #2 Hotel Staff ID'd his photo, hands down, #3 CIA denial that they did it, would do it, or could get $40mm USD. #4 Skip ahead 20 years and Oops, CIA pays Gen. Dostum, (the America-hating Communist) of Afghanistan $200mm to go after Osama in the mountains of Tora Bora, outsourcing our indignancy (sic), retaliation & supposed Retribution. (OR was Cheney paying for Dostum to NOT find Osama, which would have been inconvenient Truth RE 9/11).  #5  Bush claimed it was absurd, that there was no way to get to Paris and Back overnight. Along comes NASA and the cancelation of the X.33 experimental Plane which traverses the planet in 90 minutes-via the outer atmosphere. Casey had a convenient (to Reagan & Bush) Brain Seizure at his office at CIA, right before testifying before Congress. Story debunked   PS-Who ran the failed Iran Rescue mission? None other than Ollie North, Reagan's future NSC Adviser.

#30   Taking flight with Al-Qaeda or Naming (framing) Zacharias Escobar (page #3 Frame, page #29 Exonerated - New York Times 2001)   We took a flight in 1999 from Paris to Casablanca. Sitting behind, giggling endlessly? Escobar and two friends just Jailed then booted from Malaysia for VISA violations, just laughing their asses off. Flip ahead to 9/11, guess who the NYT names as being a part of the Hamburg "Cell" with Mohamed Atta?   Yup, Escobar, a kid we met and befriended, over Tea and Cigs, at the Holiday Inn the night the flight landed in Casablanca. We we tell you more about that, but the key point is, he was first named as "complicit in the worst Terrorist Incident in US History", and then, a couple days later, Ahhhhhhhhh, never mind (BURY deeeep, page 29) Caught you goofballs! AND by the way, Please do NOT mix up the KID, Zacharias Escobar with the 'nutjob', (21st Hijacker, as he called himself, while Ramsi Bin-Al-Shibi says he was never trusted to fly a paper plane)  Zacharias Moussaoui, the Bald French dude, grabbed before the 11th of September, held by the FBI..

#31 Who Killed Benazir Bhutto & How?  First run as a full-color spread in The Daily Sowetan (South Africa) This  article was pilfered in all or part by thee BBC, NYT and Washington Post. It includes Cong. Chris Van-Hollen & Sen. Arlen Specter, scheduled to meet Bhutto at 17:30 (She was killed just hours before). It also brought to light a video from BBC, in which Benazir referred to Sheik Khalid Mohamed having killed Bin-Laden, which the BBC deleted, then, under pressure from this very website, restored the entire broadcast. BBC's 'Broadcast House', in an emailed statement to ITVN's Print Publisher, D.P. Lang, stated that the video was retracted as the BBC assumed she was mixed up about names or dates! It certainly presents the obvious question, if true, who did 'Seal Team 6' actually kill in Pakistan 2012, years later, a Bin-Laden double?

#32 'The MAP'. Produced in 1580, bought from a Historical Maps store in Tel Aviv in 1995  Hand-Colored on parchment paper, part of a series of 13, (kept secret until now) represents a scene of "Jesus" on the "Cross", Mary Magdalene & the "Virgin Mary" dressed in Black, standing in attendance below. It is titled ...."Our Beloved Promised Land, Canaan" It was written in ancient Dutch, so archaic that the Embassy in Washington referred us to a Georgetown Univ. Professor of Dutch Studies, dumbfounded himself, referring us to a specialist, also stumped. When removed from the green matted background frame, the ancient text on the reverse side was exposed... 400 year old Dutch, detailing the travels of "Jesus" and the Longitude and Latitude & locations for specific orations & Sermons. It also contained these words "Today it is known as Sidon & Tyre, in the future it will be called 'The Lebanon".....And another "Now it is known as Palestine, then Israel, then Palestine", but actually depicts the Country split in two, top part "Israel", bottom half tagged "Palestine".....More disclosures coming...(including details of the other twelve Maps).

#33 Number( #5) Five Marlot Street, Barcelona, Spain, Hidden Synagogue (and oldest in Spain & Europe, 1100A.D.), actually excavated from its location, under an old house, with the hard steel, graffiti laden, metal door facing Marlot, a street which the Spanish Carbineers insisted did not exist. Hmm. Well it is just a few feet (meter) down the alley from the REAL and original Synagogue stolen from the Jews of Barcelona as they were tortured, killed, converted forcibly or run off to Constantinople, protected by Islam. Of course we speak of the current Catalonia City Hall, as they purged themselves from 1391 to 1492. And YES, Christopher Columbus was NOT his name, it was Cristobel Cologne, YES, he was Jewish, and his crew along, were not seeking anything from the Americas, but freedom from Crazy Isabella, Anti-Semite "Queen" of Portugal & Spain. If you could have seen the face of the two Police as they stumbled (Bumbled) across the location they had insisted (even laughing, "Jews in Barcelona?") Read the "Last Kabbalist of Lisbon" to clue into this outrage which the Spaniards have yet to come to grips with, as have the Germans, moving ahead, not mired by their past.

Douglas Pepper Lang

7th of April, 2014

Stay tuned to this page as full disclosures are coming (Under Construction)

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